Everywhere we look we see popular, rich and presumably happy people. They are where most of us would like to be… and although they have problems, (as we all do) we will gladly trade places. We feel that life will be better, happier if we do. Money issues? Gone. Answering to a boss? Poof! Problems attracting friends and lovers? Get real. It would be like winning the lottery… one of the big ones. Yet, like winning the lottery, switching lives with a celebrity is virtually impossible. So where does that leave us? Surprisingly, with a reality full of potential. The potential to build and enjoy healthy relationships, to be free of the false assumptions of your past, to tap into the creativity of your psyche and the energy of your physical self.

However, you must first recognize that the key to unlocking this potential is in your mind and in your heart.

Harmony Meditation Self EsteemYou must approach this potential with the belief that your happiness is possible and that you can reach it through exploration of your internal spaces.

Your lottery lies within.

“Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.”

– Confucius

Be gentle with yourself. That is my advice as we start this journey. Too many of us have internalized messaging that is toxic to our well being and as a result, we are extremely harsh self-critics. So consumed by what we believe are our shortcomings that we cannot see or appreciate our gifts. We are blinded by our “flaws” and without realizing it, we interact with the world based on feeling “less than” rather than “equal to”. This lends itself to unhealthy relationships and chronic dissatisfaction. The way out of this morass of unhappiness, to find the lottery that lies within is to first be gentle with yourself.