Hi, I'm Kevin Childs and I believe that it is important for you know a little more about me than a simple listing of my educational and professional credentials.  Having a sense of who I am helps you decide if you'd like to work with me. Do our values mesh? Does my backgroound speak to you? I will try to give you a glimpse of who I am and hopefully it will be enough for you to give me a call.   

When you need someone who cares...
I have been married since 10/5/1980 and over time I've found that being married and raising a family is hard work, but it has also been fun. My wife and I have raised our two children into adulthood and like most parents, we hope that our love and values will be reflected in their lives. We have the same hope for our three bright and energetic granddaughters. They too have our love and the expectation to be both compassionate and industrious.  I say with pride that I am a family man and that I have had a great example.  I was raised by parents who worked hard and loved unconditionally. They were married for 50 years at the time of my mother's passing. My siblings and I are blessed. I am the second oldest of three boys and one girl. In my early childhood I lived in a Philadelphia ghetto. Eventually, through my parents efforts, we were able to move to a better neighborhood. Our family values included hard work, respect for self and others (especially our elders), education and a relationship with God.  We completed school, went to church, got jobs, found spouses and raised families. Of course we/I made some regretable decisions along the way, some with minor consequences, some were major, some were worth the pain and others were not. But both the struggles and successes have helped me to better manage my life ... with its' traditional roots, early years of poverty, personal accountibility, recognition that success and failure are necessary and a belief in the ability of each person to grow into a better version of self is part of what I bring to the therapeutic process. I hope that you have found this helpful. If you have questions, concerns or comments about relationships, trauma, my approach to therapy, anything, contact me, 757 606-8282, or kevin@kevinchildscounseling.com. Oh and I've included thumbnails of my wife, son, daughter and grands (through the years). Why? Because I am proud of them. 
Kevin Childs, Sr.  LCSW

2009 Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  Kevin Childs Counseling Services  

2011  Clinical Director, Alliant Human Services, 

2003 Master of Social Work NSU; 

1996-2011 Group Facilitator, Fathers In Training Program, Virginia Beach DHS, 

1977 Bachelor of Arts Speech/Communication, Allegheny College

 Adult Protective Services Norfolk DHS 1991-1998, 

Child Protective Services, Norfolk, DHS 1989-1991
I am convinced that humans are in a constant state of growth. We are either developing greater, more expansive viewpoints and approaches to life, or we are growing more hardened and inflexible.  Being aware of this "fact" helps us to shape the direction of our growth.    
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